Partners’ meeting on 3 May 2021: where we stand now and what's next

3 May 2021

On 3 May an important meeting with all rurAllure partners took place via Zoom videoconference. The meeting aimed to discuss the project progress during past months and to analyze ongoing activities.

RurAllure coordinator Martín López Nores, Telecommunications Engineer and PhD from the University of Vigo, illustrated recent achievements, such as official adherence of the University IUAV of Venice to the Consortium and the approval for research with humans received from the UVIGO’s Ethics Committee, in order to proceed with Data Protection Impact Assessment.

For the next two months project’ partners will be working on digital platform design, Data Management Plan, the first version of dissemination and outreach plan, as well as collaborations with stakeholders and institutions to extend the rurAllure network.

The University of Vigo UVIGO and the University of A Coruña UDC developed templates to define collaborations with public bodies, agencies, museums and organizations related to culture, tourism, rural development and pilgrimage.

Collaborations will focus on mutual promotion and co-marketing actions with partners through rurAllure website and social networks, as well as co-organization of communication and dissemination events, coverage by trip planning and recommendation tools, mutual facilitation of interaction with relevant stakeholders.

Communicating rurAllure activities and results to wider public has always been a project’s priority, that is why tourism fairs and events can’t be missing in the upcoming future as well as the involvement of media and journalists  on one hand and of tourists on another hand.

For past months rurAllure was profiling pilgrims and tourists and their trip motivations, which led us to a discovery that more than 50% of pilgrims have an interest in cultural heritage of areas they walk through.

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Partner meeting 3rd May