RurAllure reaches important milestone: the first stakeholder agreement has been signed

8 April 2021

On the 5th of April the rurAllure project has reached an important milestone with the signing of our very first stakeholder agreement between rurAllure and a local authority.

Mrs. Lola Castro, Mayor of the Municipality of Folgoso do Courel in Galicia (Spain) has become the first governmental representative to sign the stakeholder agreement with rurAllure. Apart from being the first local council to join our network, the municipality of Folgoso is also of great importance to our Literary Heritage pilot since the headquarters of the Uxio Novoneyra Foundation are located inside their territory. This is also the first geographical area that will be mapped (and promoted) under the rurAllure project.

By becoming a rurAllure stakeholder, the Municipality of Folgoso do Courel will be contributing to the identification of needs and opportunities for the promotion of rural museums and heritage sites in the vicinity of the pilgrimage routes leading to Santiago de Compostela. They will participate in activities of our network and assist in the creation and curation of our project outcomes, granting access to bibliographical and digital resources of interest. Furthermore, they will support our dissemination efforts through their own communication channels.

Are you a (local) stakeholder situated in the vicinity of one of our four pilot projects and are you interested in collaborating with rurAllure, please contact us at

Lola Castro, Mayor of the Municipality of Folgoso do Courel in Galicia (Spain) signs rurAllure stakeholder agreement